Wife Spanks Husband - Niki and Grant

Niki knew that I needed a spanking because I had been a little crabby several days in a row after coming home from work. Of course, I knew that I needed one, too. One night after work I was looking for something in the cabinet under our bathroom sink, which was a bit cluttered. While I was looking, I pulled a number of things from the cabinet and put them on the counter. One of the things that I pulled out was the Vermont Country Bath Brush, which has become Niki’s favorite when disciplining me. Anyway, when I found what I was looking for, I left the rest of the stuff on the counter, including the bath brush.

About an hour later, Niki when into the bathroom and discovered the mess that I had made. Returning to the living room, with the bath brush in hand, so told me “I think you need a good paddling”. I was both stunned and, of course, excited and simply said, “Yeah, maybe I do”. I was sitting on the sofa at the time. She placed the bath brush on the coffee table and said “Get up and pull your pants down”. I immediately did as she asked, and then she said “Why don’t you go ahead and take all of your clothes off”. We were in the family room, and although the blinds were open, I again did as she asked.

She then told me to “Kneel on the sofa”. The sofa was positioned with the back to the patio door, so if I kneeled on the cushions as she was directing, I would be looking out the patio door. I was a little anxious because the blinds were open, and if people were walking by on the sidewalk, they still might be able to see me leaning over the sofa.- they wouldn’t be able to see much but they certainly might get a look at my face. Anyway, I kneeled on the sofa cushions as Niki told me to, with my chest on the top of the back of the sofa. Actually leaning over is always hard for me because I know the spanking is now imminent. I start thinking about how much the spanking hurt last time but the funny thing is, when the first strike lands, it always hurts a LOT more than I remember (lol).

Niki did something different this time – as I was naked, kneeling on the sofa, waiting for the spanking to begin, Niki asked me “You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?”. I replied with a weak “Yes”.

“You’ve been mean and crabby and rude, too, haven’t you?”


“I think you need a good bare bottom paddling, don’t you?”


“Since you need it, I think you should ask me nicely for a spanking.”

I was a bit startled, and lifted my chest off of the sofa and looked at her. After a moment it sunk in and I said “I know I’ve been bad, Niki. Will you please spank me?”

She simply picked up the bath brush and said “Lean over.” With that, the spanking began. Niki’s first spank is always HARD! She says it’s because she needs to get my attention. The first spank almost always makes me jump, squirm and let out an audible moan. She continued with the spanking, with some swats much harder than others. She can really make me squirm when she uses that bath brush. The whole time during my spanking, I was looking through the glass of the patio door to see if any of our neighbors were walking down the sidewalk. I have to admit that after about the 10th swat, it hurts so much that I don’t think I would have noticed if anyone was walking by – for all I know someone did.

Niki doesn’t talk much when she’s actually paddling me – she just keeps spanking until she thinks I’ve had enough. This time she did something different, too. She must have given me 50 or so HARD spanks – I’m not sure how many because she doesn’t make me count. At this point, I’m squirming quite a bit (but trying not to), breathing fast, and making guttural noises from each hard swat. Niki stopped spanking, and, as she sometimes does, she asked me “Have you had enough?” I quickly responded “Yes, yes”, which was the complete truth.

“Are you sorry for being naughty and mean?”

Still leaning over the back of the sofa, I quickly said “Yes, yes, I’m sorry.”

“Are you going to be better?”

“Yes, I promise I’ll be better.” (and I meant it).

Every other time Niki has spanked me, this was the end. At this point, I’m thinking the spanking was over (it really hurt!) and I’m ready to get up. Suddenly, at the same time she tells me “Let’s make sure”, she starts spanking me with that damn Vermont Country bath brush again. And she spanked me HARD! These were the hardest spanks yet, and they took my breath away. I was jumping and squirming with each swat. I think they may have affected me more because mentally I was prepared for the spanking to be over. I don’t know how many more spanks she gave me, but it was probably around 10 or 15. Man, they were hard and they sure did hurt. When Niki finished, I wasn’t in tears but I had never come closer to it.

When she was finally finished, Niki said “I think you’re going to remember that one for awhile.” I’m sure she is right.


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