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Damn! It just wasn't fair. I was now fifteen and blossomed fully to my 35D boobies my little 22 inch waist and my round firm 34 inch
bottom. I had bought myself my first bikini although i knew Mom wouldn'tapprove she always bought those dumb one piece suits with frilly little
skirts that are as sexy as dirt. I planned to get a headstart on my tan so
when the water warmed I would look good for the boys.

Our nosy neighbor lady saw me out in the back yard and went to tell Mom. Mom came boiling out to me and yelled, "I thought our neighbor might be exaggerating when she said you were out here lying around almost naked and exciting her boys but I see it is true. Get in the house you little slut. When your Dad gets home he will teach you!"

That really scared me because Dad used a nasty wide leather strap that stung awful. First I argued that my suit was decent and all the girl's wore them but that just seemed to make her madder and she yelled, "You mean all the other sluts. Now get that off and put on some clothes."

Then I tried to bargain. "Mom. Can't you just spank me with the hairbrush. I promise I won't struggle this time." but she said, "No way. I think your butt is getting used to the hairbrush. Last time you didn't even cry."

That wasn't fair. I had fought back tears because I saw the nosy neighbor boys peeking though the window giggling and didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me bawl. I told her that but it just made her madder saying, You are lying to try to avoid a spanking. They are nice boys.

That wasn't true. One night while I was lying on my bed massaging my boobies because an older girl said it made them grow I looked over to the window and saw four white eyes staring at me. I grabbed my cover to cover up and they weren't even embarrassed about being caught peeping. I heard them laughing and slapping each others backs as they walked away leaving
me blushing to my toes. Of course I couldn't tell Mom about it because she would just think I was playing with myself

I still remembered when I was three or four and she caught me rubbing the little nubbin at the top of my slit. She jerked me out of the tub and spanked my poor wet bottom while screaming, "Naughty. Naughty girl! You are not to touch your privates except to wash them!" My poor butt stung for hours but I still do it when under my covers because it feels so good.

I went to my room to take off the bikini and put on the new high cut cotton Jockey underpants I got at the same time as my bikini and the little uplift bra that gave me a lot of cleavage since it fit just below my nipples. I put on jeans to provide some more padding and a t-shirt to wait for Dad. It would be over an hour until he got home and my fear was building up. I heard some yelling outside and looked over to the neighbors to see a bunch of boys running around in the yard and Mr and Mrs Billings sitting on the porch talking and laughing. I realized the bitch had told the boys I was going to get a whupping and they had spread the word. It was going to be terribly embarassing going to the woodshed with them all watching knowing my bottom was about to be tortured. The really terrible thought that came to my mind was that the woodshed had gobs of knot holes in it and once i had seen an eye at the knothole. My only hope was that the boys daren't peek with the Billing's parents out there.

Dad finally came home and I cowered in our big chair to hear Mom making it sound even worse. She was telling him I was just a little slut that liked enticing the boys and needed a real lesson. He came in really mad saying, "So you like to show off. I'll put a stop to that. Take off the jeans and T-shirt. You can show off on the way to the worst whupping ever."

I panicked! He had always hit on my jeans before and that was bad enough. I couldn't imagine how bad it would be on the tiny cotton panties that fit like a second skin. I cried, "Oh no Daddy! I don't have the bikini on now just panties and bra! I'll be almost naked and there are boys out there!"

"From what I understand the bra and panties will cover you more than that bikini. Don't argue get them off!"

I sniffled as I took them off and as I stood in front of him his eyes got big seeing how close to naked I was but he wasn't about to back off and came over to grab my hand and drag me to the door.

When we got outside the Billing's fence was lined with boys and Mrs Billings, the bitch, yelled delightedly "She is going to get her butt warmed good this time. The boys just stared awestruck as I stumbled along the gravel diriveway only five or six feet from them. They didn't even have the decency to just stare. One of them said, "Wow! Loook at her tits and buns jiggle!" and another said, "Those buns will be jumping in a minute!"

I had my eyes closed not wanting to see the staring eyes but that just made me stumble more to make me jiggle. I heard someone yell, "Ow.Stop pushing you are driving me through the fence!" Dad must have realized this was getting out of hand so he hurried up causing more stumbles.

Finally we were in the privacy of the tool shed but now my feeling of humiliation was replaced by fear as I saw the wide sawhorse I would be bent over and the horrible strap hanging on the wall.

Dad said, "I have never strapped you on your panties before and you may try to get away so I am going to tie you."

He took a couple of horse hobbles off the wall then bent me over to buckle them around my wrists and to the wall to pull me out at about a forty five degree angle. He said, "I have to do this. You have disgraced the family. Try to be brave."

I was already crying but sniffled, "I'll try. How many spanks do I have to get?"

"I think twenty will be alright."

"Oh no! I have never had more than ten. That is twice as many."

"Yeah. What you did is twice as bad as anything you have done before."

I was about to argue that I was only wearing panties now but before I could open my mouth I heard a "Swish" then a "Whack!" followed immediately by a terrible pain that seemed to go deep into my body. My body jerked forward at the powerful impact which was followed by more keeping my body jumping as he moved lower from the top of my butt. One at the juncture of my thighs made me scream but he kept going down to mid-thigh before pausing to say, "That's half. Allene. How are you doing?"

I was bawling too much to answer and as the terrible pain subsided a little I noticed a cutting feeling under my boobs. I looked down to see they had jumped out of my bra and the top of the bra was digging into them. I didn't know what to do about it with my hands tied and was still crying too hard to ask Dad to fix them. Then to my horror I looked at the wall and noticed light was no longer shining through the knot holes. A closer look revealed an eye. I closed my eyes to avoid the terrible humiliation of being seen just as Dad ripped my legs open and began fore handing and backhanding my right thigh and then the left with me shrieking and jumping at the really terrible ones to my tender inner thighs.

Finally it was over and Dad said "I am going to leave you here until dark. You have been punished enough without having to run the guantlet of staring eyes again." When he unbuckled my wrists I grabbed my bra to cover up but he said, "No. Leave it alone. That will teach you to buy decent bras."

He grabbed my hobbles and buckled my wrists to eye bolts high on the wall to leave me standing there sniffling with my boobies being cut by the top of the bra and fully exposed while my poor butt burned and throbbed.

He started towards the door and i heard a scuffle of feet outside. Dad’s work at the mill had partly deafened him so he didn't notice. My sobbing started to subside as I heard the kitchen door slam.

Then the light was blocked again and I saw eyes at every knothole. I began sobbing again as I heard one kid say excitedly, "We have until dark.” Then they all started talking to make my tears flow at the terrible humiliation. One said,” Look! The strap made her panties slide into her ass crack!. There was a shuffle of feet as they scrambled to push and shove to get a knothole behind me as one said, "Wow! Her butt and thighs are maroon. They will be one solid black and blue tomorrow."

Another said, "Fuck this! Everybody has a butt. I want to watch her tits as she pants."

I couldn't help it. My crying and sobbing had deprived me of air and I had to take deep breaths. only to die of humiliation as they said,"OOH look at them heave." I did my best to be completely still to deprive the little bastards.

They became bored watching my still body and suddenly a wood stick slid through a knot hole and poked my nipple! I began fighting my bonds to get away from it which only made them happy as one said, "Yeah! That makes her dance. Keep it up!"

Try as I may I couldn't avoid that damn stick and finally just hung from my wrists bawling as it poked my boobs.

As if that wasn't enough another stick came though to poke my pussy. I yelled which made them stop for a moment then someone said, "No Sweat. They won't hear her. Everybody is watching the news and you know they have to turn up the volume since that damn plant has deafened every body."

They started poking again. then someone said, "Hey I have an idea. I’ll get a coat hanger."

They began poking and running the stick between my legs and suddenly my butt didn't hurt anymore as in spite of myself excitement began to rise. Then a straightened coat hanger came though a low knot hole to hook into the side of my panties. they went from side to side dragging them down bit by bit until my little slit with the sparse blonde hair was totally exposed. They began sliding the stick back and forth between my pussy lips until I just couldn't stand it and arched my back to let it slide on my clit. Someone said, "Shit! She is getting off on this! Look the stick is getting soaked and her body is pulsating as she sweats like a pig."

I sobbed at the fact that they knew but I couldn't stop pressing and twisting against the stick as orgasms made my butt fade to a dull throb. finally there was a monstrous orgasm and I slumped supported only by my wrists." Somebody said, "God she passed out! We better get out of here it is starting to get dark."

I hadn't but hoped they kept that thought since I was exhausted. felt them hooking my panties again to pull them back into place then a shuffle of feet and awed voices. I went to sleep for a little while awakening to pain in my shoulders and wrists I relieved by standing up just as Dad entered the shed.

He was carrying a scissors and cut off my bra then cut it into pieces saying, "You'll never wear this again."

My only consolation was that it was dark and no prying eyes as we walked back to the house then the enormity of what happened hit me and Iran to my room to flop on my bed crying my eyes out.

I was really good from then on knowing another trip would bring the boys who I avoided because I knew they could see though my clothes.

This story was writted by Allene Blake

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