Wife Spanks Husband - Niki and Grant

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Niki knew that I needed a spanking because I had been a little crabby several days in a row after coming home from work. Of course, I knew that I needed one, too. One night after work I was looking for something in the cabinet under our bathroom sink, which was a bit cluttered. While I was looking, I pulled a number of things from the cabinet and put them on the counter. One of the things that I pulled out was the Vermont Country Bath Brush, which has become Niki’s favorite when disciplining me. Anyway, when I found what I was looking for, I left the rest of the stuff on the counter, including the bath brush.

About an hour later, Niki when into the bathroom and discovered the mess that I had made. Returning to the living room, with the bath brush in hand, so told me “I think you need a good paddling”. I was both stunned and, of course, excited and simply said, “Yeah, maybe I do”. I was sitting on the sofa at the time. She placed the bath brush on the coffee table and said “Get up and pull your pants down”. I immediately did as she asked, and then she said “Why don’t you go ahead and take all of your clothes off”. We were in the family room, and although the blinds were open, I again did as she asked.

She then told me to “Kneel on the sofa”. The sofa was positioned with the back to the patio door, so if I kneeled on the cushions as she was directing, I would be looking out the patio door. I was a little anxious because the blinds were open, and if people were walking by on the sidewalk, they still might be able to see me leaning over the sofa.- they wouldn’t be able to see much but they certainly might get a look at my face. Anyway, I kneeled on the sofa cushions as Niki told me to, with my chest on the top of the back of the sofa. Actually leaning over is always hard for me because I know the spanking is now imminent. I start thinking about how much the spanking hurt last time but the funny thing is, when the first strike lands, it always hurts a LOT more than I remember (lol).

Niki did something different this time – as I was naked, kneeling on the sofa, waiting for the spanking to begin, Niki asked me “You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?”. I replied with a weak “Yes”.

“You’ve been mean and crabby and rude, too, haven’t you?”


“I think you need a good bare bottom paddling, don’t you?”


“Since you need it, I think you should ask me nicely for a spanking.”

I was a bit startled, and lifted my chest off of the sofa and looked at her. After a moment it sunk in and I said “I know I’ve been bad, Niki. Will you please spank me?”

She simply picked up the bath brush and said “Lean over.” With that, the spanking began. Niki’s first spank is always HARD! She says it’s because she needs to get my attention. The first spank almost always makes me jump, squirm and let out an audible moan. She continued with the spanking, with some swats much harder than others. She can really make me squirm when she uses that bath brush. The whole time during my spanking, I was looking through the glass of the patio door to see if any of our neighbors were walking down the sidewalk. I have to admit that after about the 10th swat, it hurts so much that I don’t think I would have noticed if anyone was walking by – for all I know someone did.

Niki doesn’t talk much when she’s actually paddling me – she just keeps spanking until she thinks I’ve had enough. This time she did something different, too. She must have given me 50 or so HARD spanks – I’m not sure how many because she doesn’t make me count. At this point, I’m squirming quite a bit (but trying not to), breathing fast, and making guttural noises from each hard swat. Niki stopped spanking, and, as she sometimes does, she asked me “Have you had enough?” I quickly responded “Yes, yes”, which was the complete truth.

“Are you sorry for being naughty and mean?”

Still leaning over the back of the sofa, I quickly said “Yes, yes, I’m sorry.”

“Are you going to be better?”

“Yes, I promise I’ll be better.” (and I meant it).

Every other time Niki has spanked me, this was the end. At this point, I’m thinking the spanking was over (it really hurt!) and I’m ready to get up. Suddenly, at the same time she tells me “Let’s make sure”, she starts spanking me with that damn Vermont Country bath brush again. And she spanked me HARD! These were the hardest spanks yet, and they took my breath away. I was jumping and squirming with each swat. I think they may have affected me more because mentally I was prepared for the spanking to be over. I don’t know how many more spanks she gave me, but it was probably around 10 or 15. Man, they were hard and they sure did hurt. When Niki finished, I wasn’t in tears but I had never come closer to it.

When she was finally finished, Niki said “I think you’re going to remember that one for awhile.” I’m sure she is right.


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Mother & Daughter Spanked by Roman Soldiers - Spanking Blogs Story

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'Now listen, you traitorous whore,' said Gallo with menace, 'the punishment for your crimes is a whipping. But I'm going to give you a chance to save your skin if you want. You can choose - either you can take the whipping yourself, or your daughter can take it in your place. What do you say?'

'Not my daughter! Not my daughter! Don't hurt her,' sobbed the captive wildly.

'So you'll take it yourself, then?'

'I... I...' she steeled herself, and then said through her tears, 'I will take the punishment.'

'Call me lord!' he yelled into her face, face red with lust and anger. 'I am the Emperor's representative in this miserable arse of a country, and you will show some respect! Now tell me, who will take the punishment?'

'I will... take the punishment, lord,' she said in trembling words.

Gallo motioned to his men, and they took her arms. He reached out and ripped off her kirtle, the only garment of a poor Segdula, and she cried out in shock. He looked her up and down for a while, ogling her breasts and the lines of her belly curving down to the dark muff of hair. She ground her knees together to conceal her feminine modesty, and tried to turn her hips away from him to hide her most intimate place from his gaze. He was amused by such antics - clearly she had no idea of the use of the whipping horse, and how her inmost secret places would be displayed wide open to the eyes of the crowd of soldiers.

The daughter started to fight at this, showing some spirit for the first time and rattling off scorn in her own barbaric language. Longinus put a pair of shackles around her wrists and then had some men lift her up. Longinus looped the chain connecting her wrists up over one of the whipping posts in the courtyard. She was left hanging by her arms, legs dangling in the air, not quite able to touch the ground with her outstretched toes. Her cried became more high-pitched and took on their former tones of fear, then subsided to nothing.

Gallo turned his attention back to her mother. He barked a curt word of command, and the two men holding her arms turned her around and bent her over the whipping horse. She was tied in the familiar position - she was face down on the horse with her breasts hanging down between its cross-struts, her arms tied to its sides. Her belly rested on its edge, leaving her backside projecting into space, and her legs were lashed to the frame wide apart. She was left with two holes splayed open, defenseless against any onslaught which her captor might which to inflict upon them.

Gallo went to the whip-rack and selected the fringed whip. This was the tool of a true master of the whipping art. It ended in a flat, square-ended piece of leather, split into eight thin strands. The trick with the fringed whip was to let the tip just touch flesh and then pull it away. Then the eight little lashes would bite across the skin and nip at it like tiny pincers, rarely drawing blood but always leaving tiny lines of agonizing torment.

He flicked the whip out above her back a couple of times to loosen up his arm. 'Now you'd better confess your crimes,' he said, 'or your daughter will get the same as you. Do you confess to treason against Rome?'

'Y.. yes lord, I confess...' she broke off, voice labored with terror. 'And do you deserve to be whipped for this treason?' 'Yes lord,' she managed to say the words unbroken for once.

'Tell me it!' he shouted. 'Tell me what you deserve!' 'I... I... I deserve...' her voice was breaking apart.

'Tell me it!' he yelled in fury. 'Or your daughter gets it too!'

'I deserve... I deserve to be... whipped for treason, lord,' she finally got the words out.

Tiring of playing with the mouse, Gallo started to let fly. The split tip of the whip touched her shoulder and she squealed shrilly, but said nothing. He snaked the leather toward her again, and this time caught her on the upper back. Another cry of biting pain was wrenched from her and she squirmed desperately, but the horse held her and she succeeded only in grinding splinters of wood into her naked flesh. The third stroke curled around and caught her just below the armpit, and then without drawing the lash back to him he caught her again on the back swing, drawing those little agonizing tongues across the small of her back. Her cries merged into one long sobbing scream.

Gallo started to whip her faster. To begin with he placed the burning kisses of the fringed whip on her back, touching the leather lightly to her flesh on one side of her spine and then the other, moving slowly down toward her buttocks like a lover kissing down her back. Then he changed tactics and started placing the blows all over, first curling round her side to lick her flank with lines of fire, then flicking the leather on the back of her leg, just above her knee, then whipping under the horse so that the tip flicked up to tickle her on her dangling breast. For minutes he went on like this, touching here, touching there, never in the same place twice. But he was saving the best until last, and for now stayed away from the two holes that were held so invitingly open, targets for his lust. Her buttocks, thighs and vagina he left untouched for the moment. Nonetheless the assault played heavily on her back, side, arms and lower legs, and he loved to shock her every few strokes that cut beneath the table and left bitterly painful red welts on her belly and breasts.

Her screams were the demented shrieks of a soul driven beyond endurance, interspersed with terrified rantings in the incomprehensible Segdulan language. She writhed desperately, but was unable to move from the horse. The only thing she succeeded in doing was waving her hindquarters wildly from side to side to make an amusing show for the leering Romans. As he plied her back and sides with fiery horror that left angry scarlet marks, she lost control of her body and urine poured from her groin onto the dusty ground. As she fought, screaming insanely, the shifting of her body made sweat drip from her nipples and flanks, and shook residual drops of piss from the lips of her pink slit.

Tiring of these preliminaries, Gallo eventually decided that it was time for the real fun to start. He paused and stepped back to the natural distance at which a stroke would just reach her nether regions, which projected so invitingly into the air. He gave her a little time to calm down. In a minute her screaming had stopped and she had stopped shifting, but her exhausted body relaxed onto the wooden frame and sobs of agony racked her body. Just when she thought it was all over, Gallo started again, this time on her more tender parts. He started with the fine curves of the buttocks and thighs, licking those two fleshy mounds all over with the eight agonizing tongues of fire. Again she shrieked and jumped, driven mad with horror at the thought of another round of torment. Slowly he played with whip down the outsides and backs of her legs, covering them in bright hot stings that burnt with hideous pain. Then, starting at the knees, he laid lash after lash on her inner thighs, gradually creeping up toward the vulnerable feminine secret between her splayed legs.

When Petronius was getting close to those gates of pleasure, he changed his attack again and targeted her rear crease. The darting end of the whip played over it, seeking to descend into the dark canyon between her cheeks. As she screamed in a foaming madness of tortured fear, she jerked her bottom desperately from side to side to prevent the blows from falling into that tender spot. Many times her convulsions were successful and the lashes fell just outside the crevasse, cutting the flesh at its edge with tiny knives of unbelievable pain, but as time went by she could not help some of her tormentor's cunningly aimed strokes reaching right to the valley floor where the flesh was more sensitive. She did everything in her power to clench those two flanking orbs together, narrowing the way in to her vulnerable inner flesh, but it is difficult to keep one's body under control under the attentions of a whip, especially in the hands of a master. Clenching and unclenching wildly, her buttock muscles seemed to go into spasm as her agonized rear end waved wildly in the air.

Over long minutes of torture that seem like hours to the wildly thrashing and squealing victim, Gallo played with her nether cleavage in this way. He started at the top, just below the base of the spine, but he was slowing moving down toward the dark mysterious passage that was held so shocking open to the world by her obscene position on the horse. The bright and burning marks of the fringed whip clustered heavily around the valley walls and near the top of her buttocks, and with time they started to extend further down. No inch of that cleft was spared the full horror of pain, and the horrific kisses of torment left their fiery imprint all along the trench's very bottom as well as up both sides and on the expanse of open flesh surrounding.

Eventually the tiny flailing tongues reached the most sensitive part of her rear end, the dark and tightly closed ring of her anus. In the dreadful position of a victim on the whipping horse, this target area is spread wide open and the buttocks, not matter how clenched, offer little defense to the sphincter. With renewed desperation she jerked her seat from side to side to save that dark rose of her body's inner privacy from the horror of the lash, but it was no help. Inevitably the tongues of fire reached to her very rectum itself and cut the sensitive flesh with burning punishment as well as scoring the walls of the trench on either side. He lingered here deliberately, drawing shriek after shriek and scream after scream of utter misery from her.

Then finally, once the inside of her dark nether valley had been shredded by the concentrated attentions of the eight tiny agonizers, Gallo turned his attention to her front door. The two outer lips were still wet from the urine, which she had discharged in her fear and misery. The fringed tip of the lash headed up between her legs and caught her just to the side of the pink opening. A torrent of lashes followed, and despite her agonized writhing most of them struck the delicate flesh of her womanhood. Droplets of piss span wildly away from those two curtains of flesh, which were set to quivering by the wild impacts of the eight fine lashes. Again and again the leather tormenter struck her there in her most intimate and secret place, scoring the burning flaps and the surrounding flesh with a pain more terrible and humiliating than anything she had heretofore suffered.

Her back door, though sensitive and undefended, had at least had the protection of being a tight aperture into which the whip could not pass. The front entrance had a greater vulnerability. With her legs splayed so wide, the orifice was pulled wide and the flanking lips no longer touched each other. As the strands of the whip cut into the terribly delicate skin of her outer lips, they were able to curl inside, nipping those labia between two pinching leather claws and even cutting across the inner lips that huddled within. Gallo took a long pleasure in cutting her in there. He played lovingly over the outside of her love-port, scoring and burning not only the lips but also the surrounding flesh, the hair-covered mound above her sex.

Eventually his lust was too great. Tossing the whip aside he pulled out his tool. It was hot and hard, and bursting with energy. Stepping up he laid his hands on her thighs and moved them up to caress her bottom-globes. The fringed whip rarely broke the skin, and there was hardly any blood on her skin, but the red lines of the lash's impact were still agony, especially when touched. As he ran his hands up and down her flesh she shrieked again as if she were being whipped anew. He stroked down her cheeks, the fingers of his right hand searching around the outside of her rear crack where the whipping had been particularly intense. She jerked and wailed in horror at this, the mere touch of his hand. Her cries became worse as his right hand moved down into the trench, and with his left he took the abused lips of her front door between his fingers and roughly fondled them, pinching them brutally hard.
Then he moved his hand to his enflamed rod, grabbed it and stuck it all the way into her pink slit. She bucked and squealed, trying to get away from it, but that spear pinned her fast. He thrust her long and deep, caressing her whip-burnt thighs as he did so, enjoying the shrieks of despair as his thick shaft penetrated deep into her sex and took away her honor. The soul-rending horror of violation was made worse by the biting pain that erupted in her cut and abused pussy- lips. Every time his swollen shaft thrust past them, it chafed the wounds that scored that most delicate of all flesh, drawing fresh agony from them.

Gallo had already been heavily aroused when he entered, and he shot his bolt quickly inside her...

This is an excrept from 'Roman Games' by Rod caine, available at http://www.geocities.com/sternpub

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Allene's Spanking - Spanking Story from Spanking Blogs

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Damn! It just wasn't fair. I was now fifteen and blossomed fully to my 35D boobies my little 22 inch waist and my round firm 34 inch
bottom. I had bought myself my first bikini although i knew Mom wouldn'tapprove she always bought those dumb one piece suits with frilly little
skirts that are as sexy as dirt. I planned to get a headstart on my tan so
when the water warmed I would look good for the boys.

Our nosy neighbor lady saw me out in the back yard and went to tell Mom. Mom came boiling out to me and yelled, "I thought our neighbor might be exaggerating when she said you were out here lying around almost naked and exciting her boys but I see it is true. Get in the house you little slut. When your Dad gets home he will teach you!"

That really scared me because Dad used a nasty wide leather strap that stung awful. First I argued that my suit was decent and all the girl's wore them but that just seemed to make her madder and she yelled, "You mean all the other sluts. Now get that off and put on some clothes."

Then I tried to bargain. "Mom. Can't you just spank me with the hairbrush. I promise I won't struggle this time." but she said, "No way. I think your butt is getting used to the hairbrush. Last time you didn't even cry."

That wasn't fair. I had fought back tears because I saw the nosy neighbor boys peeking though the window giggling and didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me bawl. I told her that but it just made her madder saying, You are lying to try to avoid a spanking. They are nice boys.

That wasn't true. One night while I was lying on my bed massaging my boobies because an older girl said it made them grow I looked over to the window and saw four white eyes staring at me. I grabbed my cover to cover up and they weren't even embarrassed about being caught peeping. I heard them laughing and slapping each others backs as they walked away leaving
me blushing to my toes. Of course I couldn't tell Mom about it because she would just think I was playing with myself

I still remembered when I was three or four and she caught me rubbing the little nubbin at the top of my slit. She jerked me out of the tub and spanked my poor wet bottom while screaming, "Naughty. Naughty girl! You are not to touch your privates except to wash them!" My poor butt stung for hours but I still do it when under my covers because it feels so good.

I went to my room to take off the bikini and put on the new high cut cotton Jockey underpants I got at the same time as my bikini and the little uplift bra that gave me a lot of cleavage since it fit just below my nipples. I put on jeans to provide some more padding and a t-shirt to wait for Dad. It would be over an hour until he got home and my fear was building up. I heard some yelling outside and looked over to the neighbors to see a bunch of boys running around in the yard and Mr and Mrs Billings sitting on the porch talking and laughing. I realized the bitch had told the boys I was going to get a whupping and they had spread the word. It was going to be terribly embarassing going to the woodshed with them all watching knowing my bottom was about to be tortured. The really terrible thought that came to my mind was that the woodshed had gobs of knot holes in it and once i had seen an eye at the knothole. My only hope was that the boys daren't peek with the Billing's parents out there.

Dad finally came home and I cowered in our big chair to hear Mom making it sound even worse. She was telling him I was just a little slut that liked enticing the boys and needed a real lesson. He came in really mad saying, "So you like to show off. I'll put a stop to that. Take off the jeans and T-shirt. You can show off on the way to the worst whupping ever."

I panicked! He had always hit on my jeans before and that was bad enough. I couldn't imagine how bad it would be on the tiny cotton panties that fit like a second skin. I cried, "Oh no Daddy! I don't have the bikini on now just panties and bra! I'll be almost naked and there are boys out there!"

"From what I understand the bra and panties will cover you more than that bikini. Don't argue get them off!"

I sniffled as I took them off and as I stood in front of him his eyes got big seeing how close to naked I was but he wasn't about to back off and came over to grab my hand and drag me to the door.

When we got outside the Billing's fence was lined with boys and Mrs Billings, the bitch, yelled delightedly "She is going to get her butt warmed good this time. The boys just stared awestruck as I stumbled along the gravel diriveway only five or six feet from them. They didn't even have the decency to just stare. One of them said, "Wow! Loook at her tits and buns jiggle!" and another said, "Those buns will be jumping in a minute!"

I had my eyes closed not wanting to see the staring eyes but that just made me stumble more to make me jiggle. I heard someone yell, "Ow.Stop pushing you are driving me through the fence!" Dad must have realized this was getting out of hand so he hurried up causing more stumbles.

Finally we were in the privacy of the tool shed but now my feeling of humiliation was replaced by fear as I saw the wide sawhorse I would be bent over and the horrible strap hanging on the wall.

Dad said, "I have never strapped you on your panties before and you may try to get away so I am going to tie you."

He took a couple of horse hobbles off the wall then bent me over to buckle them around my wrists and to the wall to pull me out at about a forty five degree angle. He said, "I have to do this. You have disgraced the family. Try to be brave."

I was already crying but sniffled, "I'll try. How many spanks do I have to get?"

"I think twenty will be alright."

"Oh no! I have never had more than ten. That is twice as many."

"Yeah. What you did is twice as bad as anything you have done before."

I was about to argue that I was only wearing panties now but before I could open my mouth I heard a "Swish" then a "Whack!" followed immediately by a terrible pain that seemed to go deep into my body. My body jerked forward at the powerful impact which was followed by more keeping my body jumping as he moved lower from the top of my butt. One at the juncture of my thighs made me scream but he kept going down to mid-thigh before pausing to say, "That's half. Allene. How are you doing?"

I was bawling too much to answer and as the terrible pain subsided a little I noticed a cutting feeling under my boobs. I looked down to see they had jumped out of my bra and the top of the bra was digging into them. I didn't know what to do about it with my hands tied and was still crying too hard to ask Dad to fix them. Then to my horror I looked at the wall and noticed light was no longer shining through the knot holes. A closer look revealed an eye. I closed my eyes to avoid the terrible humiliation of being seen just as Dad ripped my legs open and began fore handing and backhanding my right thigh and then the left with me shrieking and jumping at the really terrible ones to my tender inner thighs.

Finally it was over and Dad said "I am going to leave you here until dark. You have been punished enough without having to run the guantlet of staring eyes again." When he unbuckled my wrists I grabbed my bra to cover up but he said, "No. Leave it alone. That will teach you to buy decent bras."

He grabbed my hobbles and buckled my wrists to eye bolts high on the wall to leave me standing there sniffling with my boobies being cut by the top of the bra and fully exposed while my poor butt burned and throbbed.

He started towards the door and i heard a scuffle of feet outside. Dad’s work at the mill had partly deafened him so he didn't notice. My sobbing started to subside as I heard the kitchen door slam.

Then the light was blocked again and I saw eyes at every knothole. I began sobbing again as I heard one kid say excitedly, "We have until dark.” Then they all started talking to make my tears flow at the terrible humiliation. One said,” Look! The strap made her panties slide into her ass crack!. There was a shuffle of feet as they scrambled to push and shove to get a knothole behind me as one said, "Wow! Her butt and thighs are maroon. They will be one solid black and blue tomorrow."

Another said, "Fuck this! Everybody has a butt. I want to watch her tits as she pants."

I couldn't help it. My crying and sobbing had deprived me of air and I had to take deep breaths. only to die of humiliation as they said,"OOH look at them heave." I did my best to be completely still to deprive the little bastards.

They became bored watching my still body and suddenly a wood stick slid through a knot hole and poked my nipple! I began fighting my bonds to get away from it which only made them happy as one said, "Yeah! That makes her dance. Keep it up!"

Try as I may I couldn't avoid that damn stick and finally just hung from my wrists bawling as it poked my boobs.

As if that wasn't enough another stick came though to poke my pussy. I yelled which made them stop for a moment then someone said, "No Sweat. They won't hear her. Everybody is watching the news and you know they have to turn up the volume since that damn plant has deafened every body."

They started poking again. then someone said, "Hey I have an idea. I’ll get a coat hanger."

They began poking and running the stick between my legs and suddenly my butt didn't hurt anymore as in spite of myself excitement began to rise. Then a straightened coat hanger came though a low knot hole to hook into the side of my panties. they went from side to side dragging them down bit by bit until my little slit with the sparse blonde hair was totally exposed. They began sliding the stick back and forth between my pussy lips until I just couldn't stand it and arched my back to let it slide on my clit. Someone said, "Shit! She is getting off on this! Look the stick is getting soaked and her body is pulsating as she sweats like a pig."

I sobbed at the fact that they knew but I couldn't stop pressing and twisting against the stick as orgasms made my butt fade to a dull throb. finally there was a monstrous orgasm and I slumped supported only by my wrists." Somebody said, "God she passed out! We better get out of here it is starting to get dark."

I hadn't but hoped they kept that thought since I was exhausted. felt them hooking my panties again to pull them back into place then a shuffle of feet and awed voices. I went to sleep for a little while awakening to pain in my shoulders and wrists I relieved by standing up just as Dad entered the shed.

He was carrying a scissors and cut off my bra then cut it into pieces saying, "You'll never wear this again."

My only consolation was that it was dark and no prying eyes as we walked back to the house then the enormity of what happened hit me and Iran to my room to flop on my bed crying my eyes out.

I was really good from then on knowing another trip would bring the boys who I avoided because I knew they could see though my clothes.

This story was writted by Allene Blake

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Spanking Blogs - The First Post on Spanking Blog!

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Yesss ! I have been thinking of launching an adult sex blog for the last few months which ended up in this spanking blog. Actually I had a good feel of the demand for spanking blogs while speaking to some of of my friends who discussed their fondness for femdom, spanking, BDSM and sex blogs to be. Also, me being a big fan of femdom, it was an easy decision for me to take, to lauch spanking blogs.

Though this blog is named Spanking Blogs, I would actually like to cover everything erotic in this, though BDSM, femdom, spanking etc are going to get more importance.

What you are going to get here ?

Spanking Blogs is going to provide you with articles, and stories about spanking, spanking videos, femdom videos, spanking pics, information abous spanking instruments and other sex toys and definitely a lot of tips and tricks to make your sex life more enjoyable , spanking or no spanking.

Also, if you have any content with you that you feel would add value to this Spanking Blogs, please feel free to send them to me and I would love to put it up here on the blog with a thank you note for you / your website.

For a starter, here is a spanking video for you all to enjoy !! Not just spanking, it has got every bit of femdom in it - spanking, kicking, ball busting, humiliation - what more do you want !! enjoy guys !

This is a sample video from a series of video gifted to me by one of my friend. It is from Young-goddess.com.

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